A router stands between you and the Internet. It is referred to as a central networking hub between your device and the wider network connected by your internet service provider. A router is a fundamental element of information, it should always be secured and protected.

Wireless broadband routers are set up in a way that it allows a designated administrator to manage network through a special account.  And if anyone knows the username and password of this account, then one can easily get the access to the devices features and information about any devices that are connected. Securing your router with the password not only potentially makes your connection strong, but it is also more convenient to customize it in a way which you can remember more readily.

Know how to change the default password of your new router:

New routers are basically set up by manufacturers with same default username and password. Hence, it is important to change the password when it the network is the first setup. Here are some easy steps that will help to change your default password patiently.

  1. Make sure that you are connected to your broadband network
  2. Open a new web browser window.
  3. In the address bar, type and press Enter.
  4. Select change wireless password option in the right-hand menu.
  5. Enter the default router username and password in lowercase.
  6. Enter the new Network Key you want to use.
  7. Select apply the option to save your new settings.
  8. Reconnect all your devices using your new wireless password.

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