Routers have been introduced to allow an easy connection with the internet, and it has taken a significant place in your life for work as well as for personal purposes. With multiple features available, routers are being widely used by people across the globe.

Like any other tech-glitches, routers also come up with various glitches. Router security is the most important factor while using it. A wireless router can be protected by a password that prevents the access to your network by any other devices. But there are chances where you might forget the password of your router. In this situation, you will require the best support service to recover your router password.

Forgot Router Password? Know how to recover it:

In case your router is password protected, no one can access your internet network. It is essential to remember the password to avoid the network connecting errors. It also helps to keep your internet network secured.

If you forget the password of your router, there is nothing to be worried. You can recover your password and can easily access your internet network. Depending on which password you’ve forgotten, you need to reset the password with a couple of manual tweaks. Type your routers IP address into the web browser. Select admin option from the login screen and enter your password. Click on wireless settings, once you access the web configuration screen. Now click on manual wireless setup button. Select pre-shared key and type in a new password.

Cannot find your router default username and password?

Before resetting your router to its default settings, you also try the default username and password to log in. If there is a chance that you have never replaced your routers default password, then your task becomes much easier. To find the default username and password there are various ways.

  • Read the manual of your router
  • Look for a sticker on the router itself
  • Try common username and password combination.
  • Check

In case, you are unable to find your default username and password, connect with your support team for additional solutions. Our team of experts is always eager to cater to your needs.

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