A Router is a hardware device which is designed to analyze, receive and move incoming packets to another network. It acts as a dispatcher between a device and a network. Routers are generally distinguished based on the network in which they operate. The main purpose of a Router is to connect multiple networks and transfer data packets from one Wi-Fi device to another.
But sometimes, some problems occur in the hardware router, which makes it difficult for the users to set up or install it. Few of the possible causes have been analyzed below.

Is mismatched Wi-Fi security settings preventing you from installing your Router?

One of the most ordinary causes of wireless network set up issue is that there is an incompatibility in the settings between two Wi-Fi devices ( for example, a router and a computer). If your Wi-fi devices are not compatible, it will prevent you from establishing a network connection. There are three things which you need to keep in mind while checking for compatibility.
⦁ Mode of a network: You should make sure that the router which is to be installed must support all versions of Wi-Fi that are used by the network clients. You can easily fix this issue of network failure by changing the router to run in Mixed mode.
⦁ Mode of security: Most Wi-Fi devices support different variations of network security protocols like WPA and WEP. So it is necessary that all Wi-fi devices and routers should belong to a same local network. Not only this, they should also use the same security model.
⦁ Security Key: All devices which are joined together by a network are programmed to use a Wi-Fi key for security which is in short sequences of digits and letters. This key should be recognized by the routers. Usually, home network routers support only one key which is shared with all other devices in common. But some recent routers can store multiple Wi-Fi keys which allow local devices to have different settings.
If you still fail to fix your Wi-Fi router installation problems after following these steps, you can call us for immediate solutions. There can be other problems also which the users encounter if they want to install routers. So if you face any of them, feel free to contact us.

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