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A Router is a device which forwards data packets between two or more computer networks. By that, it creates and establishes a strong inter-network connection between a device and a modem. Depending on the network connectivity to a limited area, there are different types of routers. Like, DSL routers which forward IP packets between the Internet and the home computers. Others are enterprise routers for large businesses, etc.

A Router uses some default values for its Wi-fi wireless radio settings. For instance, a router which needs any backward compatibility support can be configured for another to improve speed and performance. But for proper Router setup, it needs guidance and recommendations from an expert. Users very often face a lot of troubles while setting up their routers. Some of them have been analyzed below:

Is MAC address restrictions preventing your Router set up connections?

There are many routers which support a feature called MAC address filtering. By default, this feature is disabled in the routers, but if the routers administrators want, they can turn this feature on and restrict the network connections to specific devices based on their MAC address number. Therefore if you are having difficulty in setting up routers to join with a local network or with a particular device, you need to check that whether MAC address filtering is “off” or not. Secondly, make sure that your device’s MAC address is to be included in the list of allowed connections. If you are still unable to set up your router connections, don’t panic. You can call us anytime to setup router.

Are loose or disconnected cables responsible for your router set up problems?

Sometimes it happens that any member of your family has accidentally unplugged power to your router or your router has turned off. In this case, make sure that the power strips are switched on and it is receiving electricity from the outlet. Also ensure that if there are Ethernet cables, they must be firmly seated and the connectors should also make a clicking sound as soon as it is being snapped into the correct position. If still, it is not working, there is some problem with your modem cables and you need to connect it properly. If any problem remains, take our  Router Tech Support expert’s advice to resolve your queries.

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